Friday, July 02, 2010


Well, I have been completely horrible about keeping up poor hubby's military blog. The life of an Army wife whose hubby is not usually full-time military usually doesn't focus on military stuff 24/7 when hubby is not deployed to Iraq. So I found out when Al came home in January '06.

Al switched from the MS National Guard to the Army Reserves also so that really made our lives quiet for a while. Other than a trip last summer to do his AT (annual training) in Landstuhl, Germany and the one weekend he was gone a month there was NOTHING to report military-wise.

Before getting deployed/mobilized this spring, the biggest news was that he was the commander of his unit for a very short time.

Somehow in the Reserves, I guess you know when it is your unit's "go year?" And 2010 was his unit's "go year" and he ended up "going" to a hospital in Virginia. It's a much longer story than that, but that's the short version. So he is mobilized (I say deployed for people who have no idea what mobilized is, they seem to understand that deployed = gone) for year. There is talk of him becoming the night supervisor at his hospital (for the whole hospital). Since he is at a real job at a real hospital with non-Iraqi patients though I don't know that I should say much more than that until he gives me clearance. LOL. OPSEC even in the states. Loose lips sink ships!!

"If" there are any OLD blog readers from '04/'05/'06 I would love to get caught up with you on Facebook where I live now.!/melindakaye.s

Once Al gives me permission, I will update "all y'all" further on his comings/goings!