Thursday, January 05, 2006

Day 362 - This is it!!!

More details later this week - I am leaving to see my hubby!

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becky said...

yay!!!!!!!!!! congratulations hun!!! kiss him and hug him and wait, i don't need to tell you this!! have a great reunion melinda, you totally deserve it. :)

Christy said...

HOOAH!!!! You go girl! I am sooooooooooo incredibly happy for you! One more day of demob and we will be outta here (c.s.)! I'm so looking forward to getting "back to normal". Thanks for sharing your life with us through blogging this last year. I've really enjoyed reading your entries. You write so well! I guess the question is for us now is will we continue to blog?

Suzi said...

Whoo hoo!

All right!

Congrats to both of you! Glad he made it home safe.

God bless you as you adjust to life as a family.

Melinda said...

HOOAH! Congrats to the both of you for making it through what will, I hope, be the toughest time you ever face as a married couple.


{{Hugs}} to you & a big thanks to Al.

Go get him, Melinda!

Crystal L. said...

Congrats!!! I have enjoyed reading your blog and your posts on the yahoo group. Thanks for being honest and keeping it real.

I have been through redeployment and still going through ups and downs 6months later so let me know if you need anything!

Love ya!

barb pfister said...

WOO HOOO!!!!!!!! Can't wait until we hear all about the home coming. God Bless!!!!!!


Melanie J. R. said...

Melinda and Al,

Best wishes getting life started as newly weds, you both deserve it for your perserverance and FAITH! May you grow as a couple and a family.

Thinking of you! Blessings!

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I hope life has moved on well for you two.