Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Day 233 - Urgent Prayers Needed!

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Please pray for "Some Soldier's Mom" and her son, SPC Noah Pincusoff. She received word yesterday that Noah was "injured in a VBIED attack ... a serious spinal injury... being operated on in Iraq". Her blog has been a source of inspiration to me personally - and you can just see her love for her son in everything that she writes. My friend, Stacy, called me about this last night - and she is so upset about it. War gets very personal when it affects someone that you know and care about. All of us in the Milblog community wrap our loving arms of protection around Noah and his family right now - and we will get through this together.

On a personal note, Al has made it back to Iraq. He is not back 'home' to his FOB yet, but I don't think he minds too much. Where he is staying right now is quite a bit ritzier than his location - he emailed me and told me that he is going 'swimming in the pool' a little later today - lol. It was so good to get his phone call yesterday at work - and he had me laughing and grinning from ear to ear as usual. I love him and I miss him so much, but I'm glad to know that he is back where he needs to be right now.


~K said...

aawwww, The Pool. Yes. I hope he has fun and gets to experience all the joys of the place he is right now. I hear it is like a vacation for the Troops.
Noah's smile is so beautiful. Gets it from his Mom don't you think? Prayers are going out to MOM and Noah, the whole family.
(You take care of Stacy too.I can only do it through the computer.)

airforcewife said...

I've been thinking about Noah and his mom since the milblogs posted the prayer alert.

It makes me feel very irreverent, but my gut reaction is always to start joking (not about what happened, but about other things) or it just becomes too overwhelming.

Ahhh, the pool. When hubby got to Iraq in the beginning in 2003, he had to stay in a palace BATHROOM (it was home to three guys. Huge). There was a pool there, too.

Melinda said...

So glad you heard from your HUBBY (so fun to type that!!!) and we are certainly on board with all the prayers for Noah and SSM.