Thursday, January 12, 2006

Day -7 - One Week Already

Wow. I can't believe that it's been an entire week already that Al has been home. How crazy is that? Time sure does go fast when you're not counting it - lol.

We sure hope everyone is doing great - almost everyone should be home or is already home from the the 155 BCT - YAY! I know that it is a good feeling for everyone to not have to worry constantly, wait for the phone to ring or everything else that goes along with a deployment. I am sleeping through the night now and I am no longer married to my computer or the phone - but I have a real, live husband in my house which is wonderful and scary all at the same time. Transitioning from a deployment to being a full time newlywed sure is INTERESTING to say the least - not to mention the fact that I am a terrible control freak to boot. Yikes. Poor Al! It's a good thing he's the most laid back person on the planet!

Everything else is going wonderfully - and we are so happy to be together. Things went great with homecoming and our contact for Al's unit (Sergeant Errington) did an awesome job communicating everything about their arrival. I also was super blessed because two ladies from my Yahoo 155 Board got their hubbies home on the exact same flight as Al - and that meant that we could meet one another and talk before our hubbies showed up - which was a wonderful way to pass the time. Al's mom, Judy, was also able to bring Al's son, Trey, down - so that was super special too. I am really happy that they got that time together. Since I knew I would be trapped down in a hotel next to Camp Shelby for several days, we had Em stay at home with her dad - but, she was thrilled to see him this week.

Demob took several days, but it was a pretty easy process overall. It took us four days to demob - and now we will have a few things to iron out with the VA at the end of the month. Al has done an amazing job so far this week getting things set up - he is definitely a go getter!

I will post just a few pictures of our homecoming for you. Thank you to all of you again for everything!

Tammy & me before our hubbies came
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Deb, her beautiful children, Tammy & me
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Mama Judy & Trey (they provided games for the kids to play with - that was a nice touch)
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Trey & me (we made his t-shirt together at Xmas - it says, "Welcome Home Daddy - Love, Trey"
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Everybody is waiting for their soldiers!
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Mama Judy, Trey and me right before Al came.
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Deb's hubby snuck up on her even before the buses came!
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Here come the buses!! Oh my GOODNESS!
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Tammy's hubby was the first one off the first bus!!
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Here comes Al! He sees us!
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Trey ran up to Al and gave him a HUGE hug.
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Al, Trey and me after Trey let him come up for air - lol.
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All of us together - so happy for for our soldier to be home for GOOD.
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airforcewife said...

Those are the most awesome things I've seen in forever!

Stacy said...

You guys look great. Can't wait to see you this weekend.

Lori Johnson said...

I am in tears for you. How happy. My nephew has been home a few months now and it is nice not to worry.

Anonymous said...

I am soooo happy for you! Enjoy!


Melinda said...


Thanks for posting these photos. Everyone looks terrific and boy, isn't Trey a chip of Daddy's block or WHAT? :)

Enjoy not counting the minutes!

Mr Bob said...

thanks for sharing with us. I know neither of you will ever take your relationship for granted because of all this.
Happy Newlywedness!

Huntress said...

The pics are two look so are both glowing....and PS I have that SAME EXACT Jean Jacket!!!!

May God Bless you all as you journey through life together.

Ashley said...

Hi there,

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Please share with your family and friends, too.

Good wishes,

becky said...

Melinda you gave me chills! These are fantastic photos, and I must say you look beautiful!

Greg said...

I too am in the 155....welcome home

deb said...

Welcome Home - Thanks for everythign you have done - You guys look great. Rest, relax and enjoy!

Yvonne said...

Just found your blog over google (was looking for something totally different..LOL)
Great that your husband is home!!!
My hubby will leave in about 2 weeks for his 2nd 12 month tour.
Hope we get it over quick again too.....
Good luck to you guys,

Yvonne said...

ups it showed a wrong homepage...LOL

CaliValleyGirl said...

Congrats and thanks for sharing the experience! I love seeing these pictures, because it's like appetizers for my main course, when I will be able to welcome home my own soldier in a month!

Can't wait to hear about the adventures of reunion and re-integration...and of course, newly-wedded life!

jaime said...

wow! I missed this. So happy he's home safe! Much wedded bliss to you and your's!


Susan de Jong said...

I Susan from The Netherlans. I was looking for a countdown ticker. When I found youre homepage from google. My husband works in the army to and is now gone to Bosnia. Not as dangerous as Irak. So that's my luck. But I want to tell you that I have admiration for you. almost one year is such a long time. I hope you can read this despite my writing mistakes. I want to wish oyu all happiness. Tomorow I'm going to read youre story (now it's late here in the netherlands it just went midnight) maby I find some good advice to get through the time.
Greet Susan de Jong

Sandra said...

You guys look great, congratulations on his homecoming. I'm an Air Force Wife and I know how hard it is to have your hubby gone.

God Bless,

Anonymous said...


Christie said...

great photos! :)

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Greg said...

I am so glad your family is now back together. We are real proud of the fantastic job your husband and all the other American military folks are doing over there! I am too old now to help out with this threat to our freedom but I support you, our military people, and our country 110%.

Please, thank your husband on my behalf! I'm very grateful that we have such wonderful people willing to straighten out such a messed up region of the world.

Greg B.

DariDonovan said...
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