Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Day 302 - Happy 'All Saints Day'!

Yes, I am wishing everyone a happy 'All Saints Day' - that's because I was too lazy/tired/whatever last night to edit our Halloween pics and get them posted in time - lol. So, instead of admitting to you that I have once again shirked my blogging duties, I am choosing to live in denial by only acknowledging 'All Saints Day' instead.

First, if you haven't noticed the countdown ticker on our blog - let me bring the fact that we are now over the 300 day mark to your attention - WHOO HOO! Being over the 300 day mark means that we are now below the 100 day mark in our countdown! That's right people! Even if they keep Al for every single one of his 545 days that are on his orders (which we are pretty much guaranteed WON'T happen) - we are now down to the double digits to when Al is home. DOUBLE DIGITS! If everything stays on schedule the way it is right now though, we have about two and half months left. Thank GOD. I am so ready for Al to be home and for us to be able to truly start our life together, that it's hard to focus on anything else.

Second, GOOD NEWS - the new antibiotic is working like a champ and a I FINALLY feel like a human being again - yay! I hope to post a lot more to make up for poor blogging performance this past month.

Okay . . . thank you for your patience . . . here's the pics!

Em dressed up as a "Pink Lady" from the 1950's - our Homefront Hugs family provided most of her costume - the poodle skirt, sweatshirt and undershirt - I added everything else.

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And, as a bonus, evidence that I am, indeed, still alive - this is me at work today. I actually even have make-up on - lol.
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~*~ Deanne ~*~ said...

Great pics!!!!

Melinda said...

so glad to see you up & about! You look great!

Em is soooo cute. I had a poodle skirt girl myself! My oldest decided we should BOTH be 50's girls so we were & it was a scream.

Your Em is so adorable!!

LoveMyTanker said...

Glad you are feeling better!

Em looks adorable!

Army Wife said...

you look HOT yeah!!!

glad the little one had fun trick or treating. My toddlers were grouchy, and tired. They would not tolerate the holiday...

Psychobabble said...

You're little girl is adorable!

julie anna said...

What a cute 50's costume! Love the ribbons.