Monday, October 03, 2005

Day 273 - I am the most boring person alive.

Seriously. This stuff has to stop. I have to stop spending my weekends organizing my sock drawer. You guys don't even know - I think that I have easily become the most lame person on the planet - second only to maybe Bert of Bert & Ernie fame - and his bottlecap collection - except he's a puppet and not even a real person - so I win. I am officially the most boring person on Earth.

In honor of this marvelous achievement, I will tell you the exciting projects that I completed this past weekend:
  • Re-organized my shoes. I took my spring/summer shoes and put them in a rubbermaid tote and stuffed them in the back of my closet. Then I took my fall/winter shoes and neatly made them into pairs and lined them all up in my other closet.
  • Went through all of my clothes and got rid of anything that I haven't worn in at least six months. Made a big giveaway pile. Bagged up said giveaway pile into a trash bag to haul to said giveaway place.
  • Went through all of Em's old fall/winter clothes and figured out what she could still wear this year. Took any clothes that she couldn't wear and matched them up in outfits to take to the consignment store. Folded up all of her spring/summer clothes and put them in a rubbermaid tote on the top of her closet.
  • Took all of Al's and my CD's and took them out of their plastic cases - and neatly organized them into CD-ROM binders. This took forever as we have a lot more CD's, etc. than I realized.

I mean, WOW! It doesn't get much more exciting than that, does it? I did go shopping on Saturday and get some new fall clothes though because my stuff from last year was too big (yay!) - so that was nice. I had fun hanging my new stuff up in the closet. Looking over my 'project' list, and realizing that my life is about as interesting as a jar of white paste is pretty scary. I have huge problems with military wives who go out partying and drinking while their hubbies are deployed - but now I'm wondering . . . hmmmm. JUST KIDDING!

I also have a little news on Al - it looks like his "BOG" (Boots on Ground) time is going to be extended because of his new position. We are trying to suck it up - but it's going to be much closer to five months, rather than four months before he is home. He is busy looking over equipment and running around doing stuff every day - but he always makes the effort to call and email as much as possible - so that's nice. He has started slowly shipping stuff home too - so I know the end is in sight, I guess, maybe - lol.

I am attaching a new picture of our doughnut/donut of misery, just so you can see our progress. Please note, that for OPSEC reasons, the dates on the donut have been slightly adjusted and are not completely accurate. I always do a new one each Monday morning, and I plug in the date of the following Monday. When I plugged in today's date, it popped up with a new saying, "Congratulations! You're over the hump!". Bleerrggh. I unfortunately feel that the hump has just begun. On one hand, you want to say, 'OMG! We've got NINE MONTHS done baby! NINE MONTHS!' But then, on the other hand, you want to say, '****INSERT EXPLETIVE HERE**** I can't believe that we've got five more months of this ****INSERT EXPLETIVE HERE**** stuff left!'.

Well, I would write more, but I believe my silverware drawer is calling me. I think I will sort the big forks from the small forks. That should kill a good 15 minutes, lol!


airforcewife said...

Aren't we boring people? I cleaned out the back bedroom and my middle daughters' bedroom yesterday. While I was occupied with that, my kids trashed my living room.

I guess I'll get to that next. Then they'll have a chance to trash the bedroom again.

Christy said...

When you are done organizing your forks, my entire house could use some organizing. LOL

Seriously though, 5 more months? Geez!

Erik Holtan said...

Well, I looked at that thing for about a month last spring and then I just had to stop cause time slowed WAY down!
But I have about half that time left now, and I might start paying attention to mine!
My wife is though!
And your not boring, you have coo posts!

Stacy said...

What a life we live, when we have a loved one deployed. I just have not decided to start all that cleaning yet. I am still looking for sleep. LOL. Don't think I found it last night either. I need to refresh my donut.

southerngirlpls said...

Want to come and do that in my house? Just are NOT by any means a boring person. I bumped up on your blog and WOW.


KempoDude said...

At least your doing something constructive. I sit outside on the patio at the coffee shop watching the clouds go by for hours a day, every day. I keep thinking if I look up at the sky long enough, God will put me in-touch with her soul!

Melinda said...

Organize yourself now so that you have plenty of time for all the other, more "wifely" duties when Al gets home. :) Seriously, you won't want to take any time to do those mundane things when you are together again, so look at this as pre-planning for then. :)

Good work!!! And, should your house not require anymore work before Al comes home, I'll let you borrow my house/mess to finish out the BOG time. ;)

Army Wife said...

I would recommend NOT looking at the donut very often.......

I promise the last few months although seem like an eterity will be here before you know it.

Amy said...

I went through deployment also (dh returned home safely April 2004, thank goodness) but I know days drug by slowly! It was long, hard, and boring when your away from your loved one. Keep your chin up and put that donut away in the sock drawer, LOL!
God Bless You!

erika said...

At least you're being productive!! All I did this last weekend was sit on my butt and waste away in front of my TV...LOL. After this long, all I feel like doing is waiting; I have 5 months left too!!

What did you use to make your Donut of Misery? I really like the idea :)

Andi said...

Could I borrow you for about a week????

Suzi said...

I don't know if organizing and cleaning your house is really boring. Think of it as improving your home. If you are organized, when he gets home there will be less friction over lost and missing stuff. (Unless you're like me and throw it away.)

I hope the rest of the deployment flies by in God's grace.

And I'm not waiting for someone to get home and I reorganized two closets this week and patted myself on the back for doing so well.

Anonymous said...

I am also in Iraq, and was wondering where I can get one of these donuts of misery..could you point me in the right direction....thanks

SPC Alexander Garza

Old Navy Coupon said...

Reorganizing the clothes and shoes that part is very hectic