Monday, October 24, 2005

Day 294 - Down for the Count

Ugh. Well, I'm sorry that it's taken me f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to update our blog - Em and I have had a SERIOUS case of fall sickies - like one step away from the bird flu or something - yuck!

I started feeling like junk two weekends ago - which progressed into sinus stuff/sore throat by last Monday - which led to a full scale, coughing-all-night fit last Tuesday. I missed work on Wednesday and Thursday (you know I'm sick when I miss work) - and then I had to go back to the doctor on Saturday because I still couldn't breathe.

I have: acute bronchitis, sinusitus and pherengytis - and a viral and a bacterial infection. I am on so many medicines right now (thank GOD for TRICARE!) that it's not even funny. Em was at her dad's house this past weekend, just feeling low with a fever - I called like 16 times but I was told every time that she had no congestion or cough. I picked her up last night - AS I'M STRAPPING HER INTO HER CARSEAT, I KID YOU NOT - "Hack, hack, hack".

She went to her babysitter today (my next door neighbor watches her) - and then we went to the after hours clinic as soon as I could get home from work, pick her up, and drive her back into town. Guess what? She has bronchitis. LOL. Like mommy, like daughter, I guess.

Al - my favorite nurse in the whole world - has been great - checking on me every day - double checking what medicines they have me on. If he would just come home so I could get that kind of TLC in person, life would be perfect.

I PROMISE that I will hopefully be feeling better by this weekend - and that there will be many more blog entries in all of our mutual futures (including an exciting review of the book, "My War" - by Colby Buzzell!).

Mwah! (Thank God that's an Internet kiss, and not a real one, or you'd already have the plague - tee hee!).


Anonymous said...

Feel better soon! You've been missed!


becky said...

:( I hope you two feel better soon!!

Melinda said...

I was wondering about you!!! We have seen our fair share of germs too so far! It's amazing how quickly our weather changes in OH--one day in the 80's the next in the 50's--and how everyone seems to come down with something after that!

Take care & get well wishes to you and Em!

erika said...

I hope you're feeling better soon!! I can't speak for the other two ailments, but I've had sinusitis before and ICK!! You poor thing!! Quick healing for you and Em.... :)

Jenna said...

You know what I thought of when I read your entry? The plague in the book "The Stand" by Steven King. I'm only on page 170 but everytime I hear someone cough or sneeze, I think of something very terrible.

I'm so glad I'm not you or your daughter right now. How absolutely terrible! I hope you all start to feeling much better soon. Oh, how cool to have someone verifying your prescriptions?!?!

LoveMyTanker said...

Hoping both of you feel much better soon!!