Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Day 121 - And a President Comes to Visit

President Bush came to Jackson, MS yesterday. The "main" reason for his visit was to discuss his new plan for Social Security reform -- and he did so at the Canton, MS Nissan Plant. However, as I have learned in life, there are always two sides to every story . . . and there is definitely a further level to this one. Not only did President Bush discuss Social Security during his time in Jackson, but he also went out of his way to take the time to visit with loved ones of deployed soldiers during his visit. Obviously, since he's the President of the United States, this wasn't a random event, his staffers worked hard with the Mississippi Family Readiness Groups last week to get everyone invited and in place prior to his visit. Unfortunately - all this hard work - and the President's sincere regard and respect for what we as the military family "left behind" go through every day, pretty much got left out of every media resource that even bothered to cover the President's trip. The "Mississippi Mamas" from the Yahoo Board that I belong to (that's what I call them - lol!) who were lucky enough to get to go said that only one TV Station in town even mentioned that the President was there yesterday. I have to ask myself "what" was more important than that to talk about? It's not even football season yet - lol!

I need to tell you a little bit about my Yahoo National Guard Board. We email back and forth all day long. If you are not in the Army - and you don't have a deployed loved one - then you don't probably know what a Family Readiness Group is . . . but a Family Readiness Group is where you get your get and give your support - and it's also your information resource on your soldier. Depending on where you live, and how your FRG is run . . . you may not receive a lot of support. Well, our Yahoo Board has kind of fixed that problem for a lot of us. Just by sitting in front of our computers - we are able to electronically pass information back and forth all day long. It "almost" can make deployment fun, "almost".

There are lots of great ladies on that board . . . and not all of them are from Mississippi - they are spread out all over the place, California, Michigan, Arkansas, Washington, I live in Alabama, heck, I think there are even some authentic blue blood Yankees in the group!! Everyone's distinct personality shines through even electronically - and when we were informed about the President's upcoming visit, all the ladies went hogwild! I couldn't get off work to go, but a bunch of the ladies were able to get together and meet up and they came back with the neatest tales to tell of the President's generosity and sincerity. So many of them said that he took the time to speak with them personally, ask about their soldier, talk to their children, sign anything and everything put in front of him, etc.

To me, actions speak so much louder than words. So many things have happened since Al's deployment -- so many little kicks in the shin that over time have added up to major hurts. A chaotic training schedule, poor communication amongst his group's leadership, questions about his R&R, our FRG or lack thereof, just the attitude of some Americans as a whole. But even though I couldn't be there yesterday, just reading the stories of the other ladies gave me so much pride. It made me believe again. It made me KNOW that MY President supported MY soldier - that he supported MY family - that it wasn't just lip service -- and you know what? It sure as heck wasn't about media coverage. Because there wasn't any. He didn't do what he did yesterday for anybody but the soldiers that he believes in and personally supports. He told one Marine mom yesterday who had lost her son last year that he prays for her son every night. I believe that -- and I believe in him. I'm so proud to be a part of the military system that takes care of its own -- and yesterday -- our Commander-in-Chief paid us a visit!!

Hooah to President Bush!!

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And Hooah to all the Mississippi Mamas!! Sorry I couldn't be there for the fun!! Thanks for making us all look good and for wearing our colors proud!!

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The "one" article that we found that mentioned Bush visiting with military families during his visit:

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