Thursday, May 19, 2005

Day 136 - I got to see my bunny!!

Well, my morning started off at the typical 0500, and it didn't seem to be starting off all that great, Al had called and after about five minutes on the phone -- the lines messed up again, and we got off. I went to the computer though - and he had sent me a nice email with new pictures, so I will post those for y'all tomorrow.

Em was being a crankpot, and by the time I got her dressed, and me dressed and she was at the babysitter's house, I was headed down the highway a good fifteen minutes later than usual. When I finally got to a point on the road that I have cell service, my phone was beeping at me, and then when I was fishing around for it - it starting ringing. It was my friend Stacy letting me know that she had left me a message telling me that her son Michael had had his webcam up this morning - and that she had seen Al!!


So, by now, I have picked up the pace of my driving like crazy -- and she is telling me that if I hurry that once I get to the office that I should definitely get to see Al. So, we talk the rest of the way to work together and I run up to my cube like a nut - boot up my computer, and log into Yahoo Messenger . . . and, there he was. I instantly had tears running down my face. Other than pictures, I haven't seen him since he left on January 8th. I can't really explain the immense sense of relief that I felt! I already feel so much more relaxed than I have felt in weeks and months.

We talked and talked - and "flirted" - lol. He looked so, so good. I think I must have told him that fifty times. He has been running almost five miles a day and it shows. He had his big Al grin on - and seeing him happy and relaxed and silly made my day. I will sleep so good tonight.

Stacy had the presence of mind to take pictures of Al on the webcam -- and she sent them to me -- there is no better feeling than the one I have right now, let me tell you!! Thanks to my bunny for our hour + conversation, thank you so much to Michael for being so sweet and letting us use his computer and camera - that so unbelievably nice of you!, and thank you to Stacy for being such a good friend and sharing these special moments with me!!

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Stacy said...

Isn't it just great Melinda. Sorry that the pictures were not too good, but I will do much better the next time, and yes there will be a next time. I figured out that I must take the picture from an angle for it to turn out better.

I am so glad that you will get to sleep good tonight.

It was joy being able to call you and say he is on Michael's web. I did not think that I would ever stop crying this morning. It was so much fun. Next time I will call you at 0300 in the morning. Just kidding.

Hope you have a wonderful evening and I know that you will sleep well.

Anonymous said...


There is almost no better feeling than seeing them "live" on the cam :) Happy for you and Al and a big hug to Michael and Stacey for being so unselfish! You are blessed to have her as a friend!!