Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Day 143 - Whew! Welcome to My Craziness!

Hi faithful blog readers!! I am so very sorry that you have had nothing to read for a whole week!! Work has been so very, very busy!! Fifteen hours of overtime last weekend - barf.

AND, Em and I leave on vacation tomorrow! We fly out of Birmingham at the crack of dawn tomorrow!! Yikes!! We will eventually (after switching planes like three times - - don't even get me started - - ) land in Fargo, ND sometime tomorrow afternoon.

I will actually have time to post some neat articles and pictures that I have been saving once I am there - because (and don't tell anybody I said this, okay? - it's our little secret) - Minnesota is pretty darn boring. Well, at least this time of year. Because, BIG SURPRISE, it's supposed to yucky weather AGAIN for the second year in a row!! Last year over Memorial Day it was 40 DEGREES almost the whole time we were there.

Okay, I am STILL not packed. And it is 2230 - and I am getting up at 0300. Which means . . . I've got to go!!! LOL!!

ps. For people who have requested the Donut and other things --- don't worry - I have received your requests - and I will be answering your emails over the next week while on vacation!! :o)

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