Sunday, July 10, 2005

Day 188 - Hurricane Dennis

Hmmmm, soooo, this Hurricane thing doesn't look like it going anywhere anytime soon, darn it. Right now, I am sending HUGEAMONGOUS prayers to anywhere south of here - and for all those people that are about to experience Dennis' landfall. We are definitely in the path. Dennis (for right now) is back up to being a category four hurricane - which is way not good. If I remember correctly Ivan was a three - and a major havoc wreaker - with Ivan, even with being north of Birmingham, we still lost power for 3+ days and we didn't have a phone for almost a week. Not having power at the time for several days was lots of fun with a one and a half year old, I tell you! Now that Em is almost 2 1/2 she is a lot more vocal when she is not happy too - whooooo hooooo!

We are going to be okay though - as I mentioned before, it's the people south of us that I am majorly concerned about right now. Anything that happens to us will be minor compared to what happens to them. Please send huge prayers to anyone in the path of this thing.

I don't know when my next blog entry will be - it all depends on our power situation! Don't worry - Al has left me with a whole bin full of MRE's - and as I learned with our last hurricane - they're really not that bad if you're hungry enough!! ;o)

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