Friday, July 15, 2005

Day 193 - Self Portrait Friday

Hey guys! Whew I am wiped out - BIG TIME. I am always like this on Fridays but my bunny called me at 0100 this morning - and we chatted for about an hour - so I am really, really wiped out.

I am playing along with several other bloggers on "Self Portrait Friday" -- you can find everyone else at The Grass Isn't Greener. In retrospect, I should have factored in my extremely busy day before I decided to play. Which is why the picture of me with my mug isn't getting posted until 2000 tonight. LOL.

And it is also why you are getting a very "Wilsonesque" SPF picture of me.

No make-up - my hair pulled back - wearing a hat . . . but you can see my beautiful butterfly mug. I love butterflies - but not in the weird, I collect them and have them all over my house kind of way. I just like them in a basic, butterflies are a cool insect as far as insects go, kind of way. Al is really the coffee drinker in our house - and he doesn't even mind drinking out of my butterfly mugs - Reason #599 why he is the man for me.


Katy said...

Beautiful mug, who cares. Look at thos beautiful eyes. *turning green with envy*

Army Wife said...

I am sure you have heard this before, but I am going to say it are prettier without makeup.....

If I were you , I would not wear any.....

also green with envy

Erik Holtan said...

Cool pic!
It is HOT here!!! I am sure Al has told you that! It seems t kee getting hotter, even when you think it won't
Have a good day!