Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Day 183 - Happy Belated 4th of July!

Whew! Well, I fully intended on making this post yesterday - we got back in plenty of time from our beach trip (Em and I went to Fort Walton Beach/Destin for the holiday weekend) - and I was just sitting down at the computer to update everyone when we started having HUGE thunderstorms. A snap, crackle and a pop later --- we lost power from 5:30 last night until 2:00 this morning - NOT FUN!! Thankfully, Em and I were both pooped from our trip, so going to bed early wasn't a terrible thing. (I also didn't mind the excuse to not have unpack either - lol!)

Lots of things happened this weekend, I got sunburned and I turned 30 - BARF. I also ate tons of yummy food (CRAB LEGS) - had a blast with my best friend Melissa and her hubby, Luis -- and Em was an absolute angel! She loved the ocean - and had tons of fun playing on the beach. I hope that "all of y'all" (to utilize a Southern colloquialism) had a wonderful and restful weekend too!!

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Melinda said...

OMG!!!! She is SO cute! I love this! It would make a perfect little postcard to raise morale. :)

Glad you had a good trip!

airforcewife said...

What a red/white/and blue cutie!

Thirty was the worst birthday for me... until I turned 31 this year. :)