Thursday, June 30, 2005

Day 178 - Another Medcap Mission

I hope to have some pictures to add to this later, but Al had another (small) Medcap Mission today. They brought box fans to the Iraqis and followed up on some other issues. He is now home safe. He will be doing several of these missions throughout July.

I'm thankful that he gets the opportunity to do something positive while he is there. The medical issues and birth defects are rampant there - and I although I know that there's not a lot that he can do, every little bit helps. I'm very proud of him for that.

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** Picture added 7.6.05 -- I didn't edit out any of the background, because you can just "see" the energy at the clinic!**

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airforcewife said...

Isn't it amazing to hear about the good things?