Sunday, June 26, 2005

Day 174 - Picture Day!

Well, life is cranking along here. I got to talk to Al yesterday and today --- which was really nice. He has been super busy lately - he is filling in for someone on a position that he doesn't normally do - so our communication has been more limited than 'normal'.

I thought that I would post some recent pictures of us:

This picture I actually found on the Net!! One of the support sites that I frequent had a request for care packages for Al's unit - and this picture was one of the ones shown. It has Al - and his really good friends - Dave, Paul and Troy -- I will have to have him tell me who the other two gentlemen are though -- I 'think' I know - but I'm not proof positive - so I don't want to make a false identification. This is an awesome find though - first, because WOW - I wasn't expecting it - and second, because Al and his friends are not at just one location - so it's a really, really neat thing that by some miracle they were all assembled in the same place and time for this pic. I'll be interested to find out if it is a really recent pic (I think it is) - or an older pic!!
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And I took these pictures today to send to Al -- I took a bunch more too - but I won't bore you with all of them.

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Hope all of you have a very happy and VERY blessed rest of the weekend -- I really need to go to bed!! Four more days until the end of the month - whoooo hoooo!!


chrys said...

Great shots! I've enjoyed your links - excellent choices!

Only the best for your future together!

Katy said...

You look beautiful!!!!!

Army Wife said...

He will love these, and I am jealous of your hair!!

Katy said...

Jealous of her hair? Hell, I am jealous of the cleavage!!!!

erika said...

I have this game I play, kind of kin to "Where's Waldo?" that whenever our unit posts new pictures on the Task Force's homepage, I search all the pictures for my fiance. So far the game's been a total bust - I think he must flee whenever he sees someone hold a camera..haha. It's cool that you found one of yours on the internet!!

Sean from DocintheBox said...

Hey there's a fix for the way your blog looks, posted about it

Melinda said...

You look fantastic! Love that dress!!