Thursday, February 10, 2005

Day 34 - Part Deux

Yay! Al called on my lunch - people were waiting for the phone though so it was only 20 minutes - but it was pretty awesome. I love him SO much!! I also got an email, which was nice - he didn't have a lot to say other than that he's been watching movies - and that he had to take a cold shower yesterday. He also said that his stinky feet woke the Major up last night - I thought that was pretty hilarious!!

I found a couple of cool things today . . .
The article basically says that the Army has finally figured out that a happy military family = a happy soldier (duh) - and that in order to keep the family happy - the soldier has to be at home more (double duh) - gotta love that new millenium thinking going on there. Sheesh.

Also, I FINALLY found a good map of Iraq - all the ones I've found SUCK. But this one rocks.

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