Monday, February 28, 2005

Day 50 - 200! 200! 200!

Well, I am sleepy while I jot this entry really quick - I usually try to write these updates a little earlier - and there's a reason for that - yaaaawwwn!!

I heard from Al right at lunchtime today - he had been really busy and couldn't call earlier - he's also been able to use the DSN line and call from the TOC - so it doesn't cost anything - yay! For you lay people, that means that he was able to call on the defense systems network and call from the tactical operations center - lol!! Captain Winton (I think I got his name right) has been putting Al to work in the TOC since he hasn't been super busy in Nurseland. Talking to Al today, I know that he is disappointed that he hasn't really been able to do a lot of "real" nursing or put his combat and trauma skills training to the test. I told him though (and I fully believe this) - that God has a purpose and a plan in everything that He does - and that we need to be content in where He has placed him. I would be clinging onto those words a lot harder if Al was in a more dangerous place too.

You know what the BEST thing about today is??? The best thing about today is that it is only 344 days left until this deployment is OVER. That's right everybody - we're at the 200 day mark!!! When all of this first started, I didn't think I would make through the first five minutes - but here we are 200 days into it - and although the days don't go "fast" - they aren't as absolutely miserable as I first thought that they would be either. It really helps that Al goes out of his way to email, send pictures and call. If I didn't have that, I think that I would go nuts.

Speaking of pictures - Al sent a bunch today - I will upload more in the coming days - but here he is in the TOC. I love this picture - he looks so relaxed and happy - and well, just "Al" -- I miss you bunny!!

Sorry for the blurry background - he is standing in front of a bunch of maps - and we want to be good about OPSEC!!

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