Friday, February 25, 2005

Day 48 - First Signs of Spring!!

dear daddy al:

i love you!! i miss you!! it is 'almost' spring here - mommy came home early from work today and we went for a walk after I took my nap --- well, i sat in my wagon and mommy walked slow - it was very pretty outside - wish you could have been here to walk with us!!

go faster mommy! go faster!

then we went and looked at some pretty flowers - mommy got me out of the wagon - and i walked around in them!!

hmmm, daffodils are pretty!

after that, i climbed up and down and up and down and up and down my slide for a while.


then, mommy came inside and messed with all these packets for a long time - she mixed some water up with some dirt - and stuck this stuff in it - and it's supposed to grow into something that she takes outside later - and - get this - supposedly we're gonna to be able to eat it later this summer!

mommy made dirt cups!

is it spring where you are at too?

love and kisses - xo xo xo - emelia!!!!

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