Thursday, February 24, 2005

Day 47 - Part I - Whoo Hoo!

Well, my day is getting started off the right foot (no pun intended)! Al called this morning just as I was plunking my stuff down in my cube at work - he had a good trip yesterday - didn't end of bringing back ANY of his stuff - but a good trip nonetheless. He got to see some of his friends - so he really enjoyed that - two of them even came back w/ him for the ride back to his Camp - they have already left again though.

I'm disappointed that he still hasn't gotten his birthday box and his Valentine's box - I sent them as soon as we got word that it was okay to ship packages - the end of January - it should not take over a month to get packages to him. Bleeeeerrrrrgggghhh! I will be pretty disappointed if he doesn't ever get them - I put quite a bit of work into both of them - the sentimental value will be what will really bug me about the whole thing. He also wasn't able to get his refrigerator (he's letting another friend use it), his cooler or the neat thermos/mug set I gave him at Christmas ("missing in action").

Al said that he will work on getting the pics from his camera to his thumb drive and then to the slow computer to send to me - whoo hoo! Look for those sometime at the beginning of next week.

Anyway, he's back - he's safe - and he's happy - yay!

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