Friday, March 04, 2005

Day 54 - Out of Town

Well, Al and I were finally able to talk again this morning. The phone got cut off on Tuesday, Wednesday he was busy teaching classes - and I missed his call yesterday. I was really thankful to get to talk to him again. This has been a hard week for me - not because anything bad has happened - just the reality of not having him here - and having no way to get him back in the near future. The "newness" of the situation has worn off - and all the jumping jacks and cartwheels in the world can't change that.

He is doing very well. He was on his way to work out when he called. He told me that the mail had gotten "hung up" somewhere - because NO ONE at their Camp had mail prior to the 15th of February ---- I really hope that they find that mail conex wherever it might be!! He was VERY sweet and cheered me up a lot.

He said that he has been busy looking at home plan books - and that he just wishes we could look at them together. Even though we are so far away from one another - we both feel very close in spirit ---- I'm so thankful that this deployment isn't changing that and I am looking so forward to getting to "Mrs. Big Al"!

Em and I are going to Tennessee for the weekend. We're going to visit her Godparents - it will nice to get out of town and see friends. We don't have anything "huge" planned - a little shopping and watching DVD's and eating junkfood!

We pray that everyone has a safe and happy weekend!! Be blessed!

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