Monday, March 28, 2005

Day 78 - Lessons Learned

I got this off the Yahoo National Guard message board that I frequent - it is absolutely awesome:

By Mandy B, Wife of SGT Erik B

Now that the journey has almost come to a much-anticipated end, I find myself looking back, and discovering that I've learned some precious lessons along the way…

I've learned that dads need their kids.
I've learned that two-year-olds hurt & need their daddies more than I expected.
I've learned that kids know more about what's going on than we think they do.

I've learned that moms can fix more than just broken hearts; we're pretty handy with tools when we have to be.
I've learned that I can chase away monsters just as well as my husband can.
I've learned how hard it is to cook for just two people, one being a two-year-old.

I've learned, in my husband's absence, just how much he does to help me out.
I've learned that a family is a family, no matter how many miles separate them.
I've learned that I can hold down the home front pretty well on my own, but I'd much rather have best friend there to help me.
I've learned that we are a team.

I've learned that it's no fun being without the one you love on special days.
I've learned that love can go the distance.
I've learned that trust is the most crucial quality that a relationship can hold.
I've learned that love can withstand all things.
I've learned how much a late-night phone call home can mean.
I've learned that a package is like a little piece of home in an unfamiliar world.
I've learned about sacrifice.

I've learned that just hanging out together is so precious.
I've learned how nice it is to feel his arms around me.
I've learned how quickly two weeks goes!
I've learned just how long 15 months really is.

I've learned that freedom really is not free.
I've learned that there is always someone else worse off.
I've learned how lucky we are to be living in the United States, be free, and be safe.
I've learned that there is always someone sacrificing for the rest us to have that freedom.

** The one that really got me was how fast two weeks is - and how slow fifteen months is. That's how I feel right now. I know that on April 8th - that we'll have three months in - which seems "fast" - but I know that the nine months that we have left will DRAG on and on!!

I'm glad Mandy's hubby made it home safe - HOOAH!

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Anonymous said...

I can't recall where I heard it, but the observation was that the world seems to be held together mostly by people who wear uniforms...or iron them.