Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Day 65 - Counting

Well, we finally made it 329 days. Yay! Seriously. I know it's like - whoop de doo - only 329 more days . . . but, I play little counting tricks with my mind - I try to countdown how many days to the next holiday (only four days until the one year anniversary of Al's and my first kiss - only 12 days until Easter) --- or I try to go - okay, lets count down the next thirty days - and when that's done - I count down another thirty days. So, I'm excited - because it's only 29 more days until we reach another big milestone - "only 300 days left". It felt like we were never going to get to the last batch of 30 before 300 - but here we are!

Al is doing great - there has been some 'talk' about him moving locations - but we haven't seen anything definite yet. He is staying busy and working out and the phones are operable again in the TOC, so he's gotten to call two days in a row. I'm spoiled, huh? His current location is pretty much the most ideal place that I could pick for him. He never gets bombed or mortared and it's very protected overall.

I also found out that he was able to sign up for leave. He's a 1 LT - which is basically like the Army's idea of middle management - the enlisted get first dibs on R&R - which is fair, since they do a lot of the 'hard' work anyway (sorry, honey!) - so, Al may not get leave if it is between him and an enlisted person getting to go. That will be hard to swallow - but he signed up for one of the last available slots (September) anyway, so if I can get through the whole summer - I can make myself get through the whole fall - although it will still suck. I also get more vacation time starting in August - so it all works out well. Please cross your fingers and say some prayers that he will definitely get to come home!!

Well, I don't have bunches of other news. Al got his Easter Basket care package in the mail today - (Yay!) - and he also got Ally's (Soldier's Angels) care package too (which he loved!!) - I still owe everybody pictures and I will put those up tomorrow.

Be blessed!


Brian H said...

Almost seems like the unpredicability of delivery heightens the pleasure of receiving. There's silver lining thinking for you! :)

Stacy said...


This is Stacy Lee from 106th Support in Crystal Springs, MS. I can not believe that I ran upon your blog. It is great. I have a blog also. It is mysoldiermichael.blogspot.com. I have lots of fun with it. It is nice to know that someone from our group is also blogging. Lets keep in touch.