Monday, March 07, 2005

Day 57 - Good News!

Well, Al and I had a good weekend. It was nice for me to get out of town and spend time with friends and just get a breather from day to day life. I didn’t get to hear from Al at all on Saturday, but he called early Sunday morning with GREAT NEWS – he had FINALLY gotten his Birthday and Valentine’s boxes – I told him that now that he had them, that he could probably see why I had been so stressed out about him not getting them! He laughed and said that he had to be careful to not unpack my boxes all the way, because he had a hard time fitting everything back in them again – lol!

I drove back from Tennessee yesterday and God really hit me over the head with some stuff. I realized that I had been focusing on the completely wrong thing --- that instead of looking at “how long” it was going to be until Al and I were together – that I needed to instead just look at the fact that we had one another at all. I thought about how lucky I was to be so much in love with such a great guy – and that in “10 short months” we would be able to move forward with starting our life together. I felt a lot better about things by the time I got home.

I heard from him again this morning (3 a.m.) – and he said that five guys had now left to go to another Camp. He seemed kind of ‘bummed’ about that – and said that they might not have the Troop Medical Clinic (TMC) open every day now. He is trying to keep busy – working out, helping out, etc. I told him that if “the Army didn’t need him, that they could just send him on home!”

He also sent a bunch of pictures this weekend. As I look at the ones of the children, I am reminded of Al’s son, Trey – and my daughter, Emelia. I think about how I would feel if my country was at war – and my primary concern became survival and protecting my babies. I am so thankful that Al can help the Iraqi’s in even a small way, I’m so proud to know him. I know how loving he is with me and the kids, and I can just picture him trying to get the Iraqi children to smile – or trying to comfort them. When I think about those parents – and the heartache that they must have about their country being at war, and their children being in danger – it helps me realize that the sacrifices that Al and I are making are very small and insignificant in comparison.

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