Friday, March 25, 2005

Day 75 - "Busy"

Just wanted to pop on and post a very quick update to keep everyone informed. Al is doing good and is out doing medical missions for the Iraqi people today and tomorrow. He said that he would get lots of pictures for everybody. Even though it is hectic for him, I know that he enjoys getting out of the confines of the Camp and getting to see the countryside.

He was able to call me every day this week at lunchtime. It was really nice - I missed his call today though just as I was coming around the corner to my cube. My work has been insane this week - the vendor for the software that I manage at the office was doing a maintenance visit this week - and we had a ton of work to get done, not the least of which included upgrading all the users for the software. So, I'm sorry that I haven't been posting like crazy - but I have been busy doing other stuff!

Hopefully, I will hear from Al and be able to post some pics for you this weekend - no matter what, we pray that everyone has a very Happy and a Very Blessed Easter!!

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