Friday, March 18, 2005

Day 68 - Unexpected Convoy

Well, I should have known something was up when Al called so early last night. He never calls that early -- and "I slept really good" kind of sounded fishy ---

So, when I was at work this afternoon and I got this picture:

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I realized why he had called me so early. He had gone on a convoy today to the other camp --- and he got to see his friends Jason and Troy. He said Jason may end up moving to his location, so he's excited about that.

I understand why he couldn't say anything. Convoys have become a huge issue because of attacks. Although his location is "safe" - they still need to be careful. It's kind of like driving to Walmart --- except doing it in an armored Humvee - driving like a snail in a long chain of vehicles - with sand blowing all around - with people trying to shoot at you and bomb your vehicle. So, it becomes a "mission" even thought they're just driving to get/give supplies. I just need to be smarter and pick up on the clues next time - lol!

Hope y'all have a happy weekend - I have to figure out how I'm going to till up the start of my garden!!

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